Admission Policy


All children have very different needs and at SACU, we pride ourselves on providing a service to our Students that is designed to meet each individual's specific requirements. The programs we have on offer are flexible and rigorous enough for us to challenge the most able, whilst being able to offer specialist support to pupils who have some additional needs. Although we prefer to focus on potential at entry rather than achievement, all applicants are required to complete placement tests before a place is offered to ensure that we can adequately meet their learning needs.

The Aims of this policy

  • To ensure compliance with the school’s not for profit purpose originally established as a secondary school providing education comparable to what obtains in Nigeria but today embracing a broader provision. SACU provides independent education for children between the ages of 10 and 17.
  • To set selection criteria and procedures that are consistent with this charitable purpose and that are fair to applicants.
  • To identify students whose academic potential and other abilities will enable them to benefit from the opportunities the school has to offer and to contribute to the school community.

Equal treatment

We welcome students from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. We expect all of our pupils to attend our assemblies.


At present, our facilities for children with disabilities are limited, but we will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the school’s culture, policies and procedures are made accessible to children with disabilities. When a disability or special educational need is made known to us we will consult with parents and make reasonable adjustments to our admissions procedures to enable a child, if she is able, to satisfy our admission requirements.

General Procedures

Our admission procedure includes:

  • Competitive entry tests
  • An interview
  • Character and academic reference from the current school.