About SACU

St. Ambrose College operates both Day and Boarding School system, with well-equipped science laboratory, computer room, library, music studio, and conducive learning environment.

St. Ambrose College, Usiefrun (originally known as St. Ambrose Grammar School, Usiefrun) is a Catholic Mission School owned by the Catholic Diocese of Warri founded in the year 1963, with Rev Fr. F.A Flanagan (late) as her first Principal. Situated in Usiefrun Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, this citadel of learning was originally established with the primary aim of undertaking in the educational, religious and social formation and growth of the male child. It started out as a full-time boarding school, with boys admitted from different parts of the country. Its motto is Faith and Success. With discipline and dedicated hardwork on the part of the Students and School, the first set admitted Students performed very well in the Senior School Certificate Examination in their fifth year (present SS 2) by the Ministry of Education in the then Mid-West Region. However, in 1970, the Federal Government took over all Mission Schools and St. Ambrose College was also affected by this take-over. This resulted in a number of changes; first, the renaming of the School as Ogbavweni Grammar School, Usiefrun, and also the shift from an all-boys boarding school to a mixed day school. As time went by, agitation for the return of Mission Schools to their original owners started, and on April 8th, 2010 the State Executive Council (EXCO) reached a decision to transfer 40 out of 52 Schools back to their mission owners. Officially, the School was handed back to the Catholic Mission on October 27th, 2011.

St. Ambrose College, Usiefrun was one of the 27 Schools returned to the Catholic Diocese of Warri. Upon her return, the School began the 2011/2012 academic session as a mixed day school with a total of 41 Students, and Rev Fr. Andrew Orogun as Principal of the As the years went by, tremendous Infrastructural development took place resulting in the increase in the population of Students and Staff strength. Currently, St. Ambrose College operates both Day and Boarding School system, with well-equipped science laboratory, computer room, library, music studio, and conducive learning.

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Facilities And Equipments

The school possesses various ultra-modern facilities that afford the Students the rare opportunity to have proper practical as well as theoretical knowledge of their scheme of work with a peaceful mind in a conducive and adequate learning atmosphere. Some of the facilities include:

  • Well stocked science Laboratory
  • Standard Library
  • Portable Water Plant
  • Stand by Generator and generator house
  • Hostel for Male and Female
  • Sick Bay
  • Standard football field
  • Volleyball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Indoor Sport room
  • Standard Computer room
  • Basic Technology Workshop
  • Staff Quarter
  • Security House
  • School Hall
  • Chapel for worship
  • Sporting and, musical and learning equipment.

Extra Curricular Activities

To make learning holistic, Students are encouraged to take part in other School organized activities for their moral, physical, cultural and social well-being. Some of these activities include:

  • Debates, Quiz Competition and Sports
  • Clubs and Societies (JETS, PLADDS, Pet/Health Club, Language Club)
  • Music Class
  • Biennial Inter-House Sports Competition
  • Cultural Day Celebration
  • Career Day Celebration
  • - Christmas Carol Concert
  • Trips/ Excursions
  • Weekly Masses
  • Open Day (usually once a term)